Materials, Photonic Devices, and Sensors
Ahmet Yasli, Huseyin Ademgil
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 030801 (5 March 2018)
TOPICS: Sensors, Gold, Surface plasmons, Refractive index, Plasmons, Photonic crystals, Phase matching, Cladding, Optical engineering, Silver
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 030802 (6 March 2018)
TOPICS: Absorption, Molecules, Quantum efficiency, Luminescence, Pulsed laser operation, Glasses, Optical filters, Optical engineering, Performance modeling, Molecular lasers
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 030803 (28 March 2018)
TOPICS: Visualization, Optical engineering, 3D displays, Visibility, Cameras, Photography, Visible radiation, LCDs, Image quality, Distance measurement
Special Section on Photon Counting Technology
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 031301 (20 March 2018)
TOPICS: Photon counting, Quantum information, LIDAR, Quantum communications, Sensors, Optical engineering, Single photon detectors, Photonics, Computer programming, Photodetectors
Rachael Tobin, Abderrahim Halimi, Aongus McCarthy, Ximing Ren, Kenneth McEwan, Stephen McLaughlin, Gerald Buller
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 031303 (27 December 2017)
TOPICS: Target detection, Camouflage, Detection and tracking algorithms, Sensors, Reconstruction algorithms, Profiling, Data acquisition, Transceivers, Single photon detectors, LIDAR
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 031304 (29 December 2017)
TOPICS: LIDAR, Digital micromirror devices, Sensors, 3D image processing, Imaging systems, Optical computing, Electronics, Image restoration, Video, Reconstruction algorithms
Matthias Patting, Paja Reisch, Marcus Sackrow, Rhys Dowler, Marcelle Koenig, Michael Wahl
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 031305 (22 January 2018)
TOPICS: Sensors, Luminescence, Fluorescence lifetime imaging, Data analysis, Error analysis, Photodetectors, Single photon, Confocal microscopy, Electronics, Time correlated photon counting
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 031306 (13 February 2018)
TOPICS: Single photon detectors, LIDAR, Sensors, Detection and tracking algorithms, Expectation maximization algorithms, Signal detection, Target detection, Signal to noise ratio, Optical engineering, Signal processing
Imaging Components, Systems, and Processing
Jie Yang, David W. Messinger, Roger R. Dube
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 033101 (7 March 2018)
TOPICS: Transmittance, Multispectral imaging, Iterated function systems, Imaging systems, Blood, Optical filters, Calibration, Absorbance, Forensic science, Visible radiation
Shu-Ming Tseng, Jian-Cheng Yu, Yueh-Teng Hsu, Ching-Wen Huang, Yuh-Feng Tsai, Wei-Chung Cheng
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 033102 (10 March 2018)
TOPICS: Endoscopes, Mirrors, Panoramic photography, Optical design, Imaging systems, Image processing, Combined lens-mirror systems, Image sensors, Lens design, Optical engineering
- Yatish, Areeba Fatima, Naveen Kumar Nishchal
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 033103 (13 March 2018)
TOPICS: Image encryption, Optical image encryption, Distributed interactive simulations, Matrices, Fourier transforms, Computer programming, Optical engineering, Image compression, Scientific research, Gyrators
Xiaohua Zhu, Chuanrong Li, Lingli Tang
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 033104 (20 March 2018)
TOPICS: Near infrared, Reflectivity, Data modeling, Vegetation, Soil science, Satellites, Lithium, Error analysis, Scanning probe microscopy, In situ metrology
Baoshan Guo, Lan Jiang, Yanhong Hua, Xin Li, Tianhong Cui, Yongfeng Lu
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 033105 (20 March 2018)
TOPICS: Gold, Particles, Signal detection, CARS tomography, Microscopy, Molecules, Imaging spectroscopy, Plasmonics, Solids, Optical filters
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 033106 (20 March 2018)
TOPICS: Microlens, Calibration, Microlens array, Optical engineering, Sensors, Error analysis, Detector arrays, Cameras, Image processing, Image resolution
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 033107 (23 March 2018)
TOPICS: Electroactive polymers, Data modeling, Hyperspectral imaging, Image filtering, Image processing, Composites, Matrices, Optical engineering, Statistical modeling, Principal component analysis
Xin Wang, Siqiu Shen, Chen Ning
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 033108 (24 March 2018)
TOPICS: Associative arrays, Chemical species, Visualization, Image compression, Image segmentation, Fourier transforms, Error analysis, MATLAB, Optical engineering, Visual analytics
Xiaojun Wu, Yumei Wu, Peizhi Wen
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 033109 (28 March 2018)
TOPICS: Mirrors, Monochromatic aberrations, Panoramic photography, Imaging systems, Cameras, Spatial resolution, Imaging devices, Combined lens-mirror systems, Reflection, Image quality
Instrumentation, Techniques, and Measurement
Mykola Shopa, Nazar Ftomyn
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 034101 (5 March 2018)
TOPICS: Crystals, Polarimetry, Nonlinear crystals, Optical activity, Polarizers, Error analysis, Quartz, Crystal optics, Geometrical optics, Lithium niobate
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 034102 (5 March 2018)
TOPICS: Calibration, Cameras, Speckle, Digital image correlation, 3D metrology, Imaging systems, Error analysis, Motion measurement, 3D image processing, Stereoscopic cameras
Chen Li, Xu Zhang, Dawei Tu
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 034103 (6 March 2018)
TOPICS: Mirrors, Calibration, Cameras, Deflectometry, Imaging systems, Reflection, Spherical lenses, Phase measurement, Optical engineering, Lithium
Chenghui Gao, Ligang Yao, Ming Liu
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 034104 (9 March 2018)
TOPICS: Glasses, Information technology, Silica, Optical engineering, Spherical lenses, Calibration, Commercial off the shelf technology, Solids, Mechanics, Crystals
Zhoujie Wu, Qian Xiong, Fengjiao Li, Qican Zhang
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 034105 (14 March 2018)
TOPICS: Ronchi rulings, 3D metrology, Optical engineering, Modulation, Calibration, Cameras, Fringe analysis, Data processing, Lithium, Fourier transforms
Benyong Chen, Kaiyue Wu, Liping Yan, Jiandong Xie, Enzheng Zhang
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 034106 (20 March 2018)
TOPICS: Laser stabilization, Interferometers, Semiconductor lasers, Modulation, Oscillators, Beam splitters, Rubidium, Signal processing, Optical engineering, Laser sources
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 034107 (21 March 2018)
TOPICS: Fringe analysis, Projection systems, Calibration, Lithium, Nonlinear optics, Metrology, Optical engineering, Statistical analysis, Coherence (optics), 3D metrology
Xiaolei Zhang, Xiangchao Zhang, Min Xu, Hao Zhang, Xiangqian Jiang
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 034108 (28 March 2018)
TOPICS: Digital holography, Holography, Microscopy, Digital filtering, Optical filters, Speckle, Denoising, Optical engineering, Image filtering, Wavelets
Optical Design and Engineering
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 035101 (9 March 2018)
TOPICS: Mirrors, Imaging systems, Microscopes, Optical design, Wavefronts, Objectives, Tolerancing, Optical alignment, Vacuum ultraviolet, Reflectivity
Taeshin Kim, Seungjin Hwang, Kyung Hee Hong, Tae Jun Yu
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 035102 (24 March 2018)
TOPICS: Zoom lenses, Beam homogenizers, Imaging systems, Lanthanum, Solids, Optical engineering, Beam shaping, Illumination engineering, Collimation, Optical simulations
Pengfei Wu, Zhuan Zhao, Xin Zhang, Shan He, Hongliang Liu
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 035103 (24 March 2018)
TOPICS: Polarization, Beam controllers, Laser beam diagnostics, Control systems, Liquid crystals, Switching, Polarization control, Cladding, Refractive index, Optical fibers
Yu-Fan Chen, Yen-Hung Wang, Jui-che Tsai
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 035104 (28 March 2018)
TOPICS: Mirrors, Retroreflectors, 3D modeling, Optical engineering, Modulation, Sensors, Optical simulations, Optics manufacturing, Geometrical optics, Ray tracing
Olga Simonova, Arseny Chulkov, Vladimir Vavilov, Sergei Suntsov
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 035105 (30 March 2018)
TOPICS: Thermal effects, Infrared radiation, Thermography, Satellites, Nondestructive evaluation, Infrared imaging, Optical engineering, X-ray imaging, X-rays, Electronics
Lasers, Fiber Optics, and Communications
Hui Zhou, Yuting Zeng, Ming Chen, Yunlong Shen
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036101 (5 March 2018)
TOPICS: Radio optics, Signal generators, Radio over Fiber, Modulators, Modulation, Four wave mixing, Nonlinear optics, Semiconductor optical amplifiers, Eye, Optical filters
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036102 (5 March 2018)
TOPICS: Raman spectroscopy, Optical fibers, Modulation, Raman scattering, Fiber optics, Numerical simulations, Signal attenuation, Optical amplifiers, Single mode fibers, Nonlinear optics
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036103 (7 March 2018)
TOPICS: Doppler effect, Laser beam diagnostics, Signal to noise ratio, Optical tweezers, Spatial light modulators, Spherical lenses, Reliability, Calcite, Crystals, Optical testing
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036104 (9 March 2018)
TOPICS: Solitons, Wave propagation, Optical engineering, Spatial solitons, Lithium, Diffraction, Beam propagation method, Gaussian beams, Quantum optics, Beam controllers
Jinkun Zheng, Wei Zhao, Baoyin Zhao, Zhe Li, Chang Chang, Gang Li, Qi Gao, Pei Ju, Wei Gao, Shengfei She, Peng Wu, Chaoqi Hou, Weinan Li
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036105 (13 March 2018)
TOPICS: Fiber amplifiers, Fiber lasers, Optical amplifiers, Lithium, High power fiber amplifiers, Manufacturing, Cladding, Optical pumping, Optics manufacturing, Continuous wave operation
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036106 (13 March 2018)
TOPICS: Fiber lasers, Fiber optics, YAG lasers, Pulsed laser operation, Laser therapeutics, Optical fibers, Optical engineering, Laser lithotripsy, Laser ablation, High speed cameras
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036107 (13 March 2018)
TOPICS: Optical amplifiers, Fiber amplifiers, Wavelength division multiplexing, Radio over Fiber, Multiplexers, Eye, Hybrid fiber radio, Telecommunications, Multiplexing, Signal to noise ratio
Indayara Bertoldi Martins, Yara Martins, Felipe Rudge Barbosa
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036108 (13 March 2018)
TOPICS: Switching, Optical networks, Networks, Optical engineering, Signal to noise ratio, Network architectures, Optical amplifiers, Computer simulations, Optical switching, Molybdenum
Yong Up Lee, Gillyoung Jung
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036109 (14 March 2018)
TOPICS: Transmitters, Receivers, Visible radiation, Signal processing, Prototyping, Modulation, Optical engineering, Light emitting diodes, Gold, Signal attenuation
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036110 (16 March 2018)
TOPICS: Quantum wells, Gallium nitride, Polarization, Indium gallium nitride, Heterojunctions, Transition metals, Optical engineering, Optical communications, Gallium, Indium nitride
Siwen Zheng, Yazhuo Liu, Guangjian Chang
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036111 (20 March 2018)
TOPICS: Optical fibers, Refractive index, Cladding, Structured optical fibers, Optical engineering, Fiber lasers, High power fiber amplifiers, Optical amplifiers, Step index fibers, Laser optics
Qilin Ma, Guangqiang Liu, Yiqing Chen, Qian Zhao, Jing Guo, Shaosong Yang, Weiping Cai
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036112 (22 March 2018)
TOPICS: Polarization, Surface plasmons, Nanoparticles, Particles, Absorption, Near field, Gold, Dielectric polarization, Optical engineering, Radio propagation
Liu Yun, Shangsheng Wen, Canyu Xie, Yincong Chen
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036113 (23 March 2018)
TOPICS: Light sources, Signal to noise ratio, Particles, Visible radiation, Telecommunications, Light emitting diodes, Particle swarm optimization, Receivers, Computer simulations, Light sources and illumination
Ning Li, Yaojun Qiao, Tian-Tian Zhang, Yueming Lu
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036114 (24 March 2018)
TOPICS: Light emitting diodes, Detection and tracking algorithms, Signal to noise ratio, Visible radiation, 3D acquisition, Telecommunications, Interference (communication), Optical engineering, Receivers, LED lighting
Hongyou Zhang, Yangtao Jia, Wanshao Cai, Chunhua Tao, Chung-en Zah, Xingsheng Liu
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036115 (24 March 2018)
TOPICS: Near field, Laser bonding, Packaging, Semiconductor lasers, Copper, Optical simulations, High power lasers, Diodes, Near field optics, Optical engineering
Wamidh Jalil Mazher, Hadeel Ibrahim, Osman Ucan, Oguz Bayat
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036116 (29 March 2018)
TOPICS: Free space optics, Image resolution, Cameras, Free space optical communications, Telecommunications, Surveillance, Photons, Optical engineering, Content addressable memory, Channel projecting optics
Xin Li, Lu Zhang, Ying Tang, Shanguo Huang
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036117 (30 March 2018)
TOPICS: Failure analysis, Optical networks, Modulation, Reliability, Optical engineering, Lithium, Algorithm development, Lutetium, Networks, Data centers
Ardhendu Saha, Arijit Datta, Surjit Kaman
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 036118 (30 March 2018)
TOPICS: Sensors, Fiber optics sensors, Fiber optics, Cladding, Refractive index, Liquids, Gaussian beams, Multimode fibers, Axicons, Beam propagation method
Materials, Photonic Devices, and Sensors
Junjie Tu, Shibo Zhang, Yanli Zhao
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 037101 (5 March 2018)
TOPICS: Absorption, Avalanche photodetectors, Ionization, Avalanche photodiodes, Monte Carlo methods, Doping, Optical engineering, Optimization (mathematics), Fourier transforms, Circuit switching
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 037102 (6 March 2018)
TOPICS: Absorption, Dielectrics, Metamaterials, Graphene, Optical engineering, Electromagnetic radiation, Photonic devices, Optoelectronic devices, Terahertz radiation, Wave propagation
Zhenping Huang, Jian Chen, Guiqiang Liu, Yan Wang, Yi Liu, Li Tang, Zhengqi Liu
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 037103 (9 March 2018)
TOPICS: Gold, Metals, Nanoparticles, Glasses, Plasmonics, Raman spectroscopy, Raman scattering, Nanostructuring, Heat treatments, Thermal sensing
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 037104 (14 March 2018)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Polarizers, Silicon, Magnetism, Polarization, Amorphous silicon, Refractive index, Birefringence, Communication engineering, Photonics
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 037105 (14 March 2018)
TOPICS: Scattering, Signal attenuation, X-rays, Sensors, Monte Carlo methods, Photons, Computer simulations, X-ray computed tomography, Compton scattering, Signal detection
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 037106 (16 March 2018)
TOPICS: Reflectivity, Glasses, Volume Bragg gratings, Ultraviolet radiation, Modulation, Refractive index, Holography, Wave propagation, Semiconducting wafers, Apodization
Yukun Bai, Biao Wang, Xiurong Ma
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 037107 (16 March 2018)
TOPICS: Graphene, Sensors, Infrared sensors, Surface plasmons, Reflection, Mid-IR, Liquids, Gold, Refractive index, Infrared radiation
Zhongwei Tan, Dandan Cao, Zhichao Ding
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 037108 (20 March 2018)
TOPICS: Optical filters, Reflectivity, Image filtering, Fiber Bragg gratings, Imaging arrays, Optics manufacturing, Sensors, Glasses, Fabry–Perot interferometers, Spectral resolution
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 037109 (21 March 2018)
TOPICS: Polarization, Refractive index, Transmittance, Antireflective coatings, Thin films, Reflection, Etching, Optical engineering, Scanning electron microscopy, Silica
Opt. Eng. 57(3), 037110 (24 March 2018)
TOPICS: Finite-difference time-domain method, Instrument modeling, Liquid crystals, Refractive index, Optical engineering, Liquid crystal on silicon, Birefringence, Refraction, Glasses, Computer simulations