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22 August 2018 Penalty method for source reconstruction of multispectral bioluminescence tomography
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Bioluminescence tomography (BLT) is a promising optical molecular imaging technique in preclinical research. One key problem for BLT is how to deal with the severe ill-posedness and obtain accurate and stable reconstruction. We propose a penalty method for recovering bioluminescence sources, in which we transform reconstruction of BLT into an L1/2-norm penalty problem and solve it via a nonmonotone proximal gradient method with a suitable penalty parameter update scheme. Simulations and phantom experiments based on multispectral measurements were designed to evaluate the proposed reconstruction method. The encouraging results show that the proposed method has better reconstruction accuracy and image quality than the comparative methods.
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Qiyue Li, Jingjing Yu, Wenbin Xiang, and Xiaowei He "Penalty method for source reconstruction of multispectral bioluminescence tomography," Optical Engineering 57(8), 083104 (22 August 2018).
Received: 18 March 2018; Accepted: 2 August 2018; Published: 22 August 2018

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