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14 February 2019 Polymer-based holograms with individually adjustable structure angle
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We present polymer-based holograms with varying structure angle for each individual micrometer-sized pixel. The holograms are numerically calculated utilizing an iterative optimization procedure, including a first-order Taylor series expansion to determine the slope of each pixel. The holograms are fabricated by three-dimensional laser lithography. Due to the small pixel sizes and the individual slope of each pixel, aliases can be avoided and the overall intensity of the desired projection is strongly increased compared to holograms consisting of larger and uniform pixels. Furthermore, the discrepancy between calculated and measured intensity distribution is strongly reduced.
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Thorsten Klein, Fabian Thiemicke, Claas Falldorf, and Ralf B. Bergmann "Polymer-based holograms with individually adjustable structure angle," Optical Engineering 58(2), 025105 (14 February 2019).
Received: 8 October 2018; Accepted: 23 January 2019; Published: 14 February 2019

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