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8 February 2020 Laser-conditioning mechanism in KD2PO4 crystals revealed by fluorescence and Raman scattering analysis
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To analyze the mechanism of damage threshold enhancement after laser conditioning, the fluorescent and stimulated Raman scattering properties of unconditioned and laser-conditioned KD2PO4 crystals are compared in detail. It is revealed that the intensity of fluorescence decreases significantly, especially fluorescence <400  nm, after nanosecond laser conditioning, and the change of the stimulated Raman scattering peak at 921  cm  −  1 is very weak. Moreover, the intensity of fluorescence further decreases after subnanosecond laser conditioning. A sharp decrease in the fluorescence intensity <400  nm reflects a change in energy levels of the electron defects in a crystal. The Raman scattering proves very weak change of the PO4 vibrational modes. Furthermore, a laser-conditioning mechanism is discussed in combination with electronic transition and thermal processes.

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Yao Wang, Jianda Shao, Guohang Hu, Yuanan Zhao, Zhen Cao, Dawei Li, Xiaofeng Liu, and Hongbo He "Laser-conditioning mechanism in KD2PO4 crystals revealed by fluorescence and Raman scattering analysis," Optical Engineering 59(2), 027105 (8 February 2020).
Received: 6 September 2019; Accepted: 23 January 2020; Published: 8 February 2020

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