Mt Wilson celebrates 100-inch telescope’s 100th birthday

In November 2017, the Mt. Wilson Observatory celebrated more than 100 years of exploring the universe with its 100-inch telescope. Explore these seven SPIE articles to learn more about the science conducted at this historical observatory. For more information about current and future telescope projects, see what's happening at the  SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation symposium.

Mt. Wilson Observatory

Optical diameters of stars measured with the Mt. Wilson Mark III interferometer

Richard Simon et al. (Proceedings of SPIE, 1990)

Results of adaptive optics at Mt. Wilson Observatory

J.C. Shelton and Sallie L. Baliunas (Proceedings of SPIE, 1993)

Laser beacon system for the UnISIS adaptive optics system at the Mount Wilson 2.5-m telescope

Laird A. Thompson and Yaoheng Xiong (Proceedings of SPIE, 1995)

First tests of the Cassegrain adaptive optics system of the Mount Wilson 100-in telescope

J. C. Shelton et al. (Proceedings of SPIE, 1995)

Science with the ADOPT system on Mt. Wilson

J. C. Shelton, Thomas G. Schneider, and Sallie L. Baliunas (Proceedings of SPIE, 1997)

Scientific results using the Mount Wilson Institute adaptive optics system

Theo Armand ten Brummelaar et al. (Proceedings of SPIE, 1998)

The CHARA array on Mt. Wilson, California

Harold A. McAlister et al. (Proceedings of SPIE, 2000)

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