Present, publish, and promote your research

Presenting and publishing your research in Proceedings of SPIE has many professional and business benefits, including global access to major research and educational organizations, indexing in the world's leading science and technology databases, and establishing precedent for your research.

Proceedings Author at SPIE Symposium

1. Submit an abstract

Choose a conference with an open call for papers and submit an abstract by the due date.

2. Prepare and submit your manuscript for publication

If your abstract is accepted, you can focus on preparing your manuscript for publication. Find specific Author/Presenter Information for your upcoming conference.

General manuscript preparation and submission information:

3. Prepare to present at the conference

As the conference date approaches, review SPIE presentation guidelines. Review specific Author/Presenter Information for your upcoming conference.

Author Benefits

Proceedings of SPIE are uniquely valuable as they are used by researchers worldwide, and lead in patent cites among optics and photonics collections. They frequently rank among the 50 most used serials, out of 50,000 analyzed by Ex Libris. If it is ready for journal publication, your proceedings paper can be submitted with minimal or no revision for consideration in the relevant SPIE journal.

Present your research at an SPIE conference and reach your community

  • Select from 350 SPIE conferences on optics and photonics worldwide
  • Connect with other researchers and industry representatives
  • Share your research, results, and ideas
  • Develop relationships with potential collaborators, employers, and funders
  • Expand your knowledge in related fields of research

Publish your research in Proceedings of SPIE

  • Make your presentation available to those who heard your work and want to contact you, missed your presentation and want to learn about your research, or are seeking to understand your research more fully
  • Disseminate your research in a form that suits your needs
  • Proceedings of SPIE are published promptly, indexed, easily found, cited, and available to researchers worldwide
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