Prof. Bruno Maffei
Professor at Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale
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Area of Expertise:
Astronomical Instrumentation , mm/sub-mm instrumentation , experimental cosmology
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I have worked in the field of Radio to Sub-millimetre wave astronomical instrumentation since 1990, when I started my PhD at the IAS-Orsay, France. After a short stay at CalTech and IPAC in Pasadena, I have then worked for 21 years in the UK, contributing to the development of several astronomical instruments. I have notably worked on the Planck and Herschel space missions.
Since 2016, I am working on several R&D programmes on cryogenics, optics and detector testing, leading an instrumentation group within the Cosmology team at the IAS, Paris-Saclay University, to support developments for CMB and far-infrared Astronomy. I am currently involved in the future LiteBIRD CMB space mission as well as leading the future BISOU balloon-borne project dedicated to the measure of the CMB spectral distortions.
Publications (62)

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KEYWORDS: Cosmology, Equipment, Signal detection, Spectrometers, Windows, Terahertz radiation, Spatial resolution, Simulations, Optical calibration, Modulation

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Proceedings Article | 31 August 2022 Poster + Paper
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KEYWORDS: Helium, Temperature metrology, Capillaries, Thermal modeling, Structural design

Proceedings Article | 31 August 2022 Poster + Presentation + Paper
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Proceedings Article | 31 August 2022 Poster + Presentation + Paper
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KEYWORDS: Telescopes, Polarization, Optical simulations, Physics, Sensors, Device simulation, Beam shaping, Signal detection, Optical instrument design, Calibration