Dr. David N. Fittinghoff
Physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab
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Proceedings Article | 3 October 2023 Presentation + Paper
M. Rubery, D. Fittinghoff, N. Cherepy, C. Danly, V. Geppert-Kleinrath, V. Fatherley, H. Jorgenson, M. Freeman, C. Wilde, P. Volegov, M. Durocher, G. Saavedra, A. Moore, D. Schlossberg, E. Casco, S. Payne, R. Osborne, Z. Seeley, C. McNamee, C. Waltz
Proceedings Volume 12696, 1269605 (2023) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2682629
KEYWORDS: Scintillators, National Ignition Facility, Imaging systems, Gamma ray imaging, Cameras, Spatial resolution, Point spread functions, Ceramics, Tungsten, Relays

Proceedings Article | 18 September 2018 Presentation + Paper
Valerie Fatherley, David Fittinghoff, Verena Geppert-Kleinrath, Gary Grim, H. Justin Jorgenson, John Oertel, Derek Schmidt, Petr Volegov, Carl Wilde
Proceedings Volume 10763, 107630Q (2018) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2322782
KEYWORDS: Imaging systems, Scintillators, Gold, Tungsten, National Ignition Facility, Gamma radiation, Manufacturing, Imaging arrays, X-rays, X-ray imaging

Proceedings Article | 29 August 2017 Presentation + Paper
V. Fatherley, S. Batha, C. Danly, L. Goodwin, H. Herrmann, H. Jorgenson, J. Martinez, F. Merrill, J. Oertel, D. Schmidt, P. Volegov, C. Wilde, D. Fittinghoff, M. Ayers, D. Barker, G. Grim, R. Hibbard, N. Shingleton, M. Vitalich
Proceedings Volume 10390, 103900F (2017) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2274365
KEYWORDS: Imaging systems, National Ignition Facility, Optical alignment, Image fusion, Metrology

Proceedings Article | 19 September 2016 Presentation + Paper
V. Fatherley, D. Barker, D. Fittinghoff, R. Hibbard, J. Martinez, F. Merrill, J. Oertel, D. Schmidt, P. Volegov, C. Wilde
Proceedings Volume 9966, 99660B (2016) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2238657
KEYWORDS: National Ignition Facility, Optical alignment, Metrology, Gold, Computer aided design, Image fusion, Imaging systems, Imaging arrays, Image resolution, X-rays

Proceedings Article | 31 August 2015 Paper
D. Fittinghoff, R. Bettencourt, K. Christensen, G. Grim, R. Hibbard, D. Jedlovec, N. Shingleton, F. Merrill, V. Fatherley, R. Simpson, P. Volegov, C. Wilde
Proceedings Volume 9591, 95910E (2015) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2186683
KEYWORDS: National Ignition Facility, Imaging systems, Sensors, X-ray imaging, X-rays, 3D image processing, Image resolution, Image fusion, Combustion, Plasma

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Commercial and Biomedical Applications of Ultrafast Lasers IV
23 January 2002 | San Jose, California, United States
Course Instructor
SC310: Temporal and Spectral Measurements of Ultrashort Laser Pulses
Because ultrashort laser pulses can act as incredibly fast probes, physicists, chemists and biologists now routinely use lasers with durations as low as ~5 femtoseconds to study and control the dynamics of atoms, molecules, and electrons. Ultrashort laser pulses are beginning to be used for multiphoton microscopy, micromachining and as a potential atomic clocks. For any of these uses, and for developing ultrashort pulse lasers, it is vital to be able to accurately measure the temporal and spectral intensity and phase of ultrashort pulses. This course presents the terminology, properties and methods for measurement.
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