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Proceedings Article | 13 March 2024 Presentation
Proceedings Volume PC12852, PC128520V (2024)
KEYWORDS: Confocal microscopy, Fluorescence, Laser scanners, Fluorescence microscopy, Education and training, Turbidity, Tomography, Superposition, Phase imaging, Neurons

Proceedings Article | 30 May 2022 Open Access Presentation
Michael Fanous, Gabriel Popescu
Proceedings Volume PC12136, PC121360G (2022)
KEYWORDS: Microscopy, Neural networks, Video, Ultrafast phenomena, Tissues, Phase contrast, Microscopes, Live cell imaging, Image retrieval, Image acquisition

Proceedings Article | 30 May 2022 Open Access Presentation
Proceedings Volume PC12136, PC121360V (2022)
KEYWORDS: Confocal microscopy, Microscopy, Luminescence, Phase imaging, Photonic integrated circuits, Tissues, Stereoscopy, Scattering, Optical testing, Optical lithography

Proceedings Article | 2 March 2022 Open Access Presentation
Proceedings Volume PC11970, PC119700J (2022)
KEYWORDS: Phase imaging, Photonic integrated circuits, Pathogens, Biosensors, Viruses, Tissue optics, Testing and analysis, Statistical modeling, Plasmonics, Plasmonic sensors

Proceedings Article | 2 March 2022 Open Access Poster
Michael Fanous, Gabriel Popescu, masayoshi sakakuru
Proceedings Volume PC11970, PC1197011 (2022)
KEYWORDS: Collagen, Tumors, Tissues, Phase imaging, Breast cancer, Photonic integrated circuits, Breast, Polarization, Microscopy, Computed tomography

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SPIE Conference Volume | 31 May 2022

SPIE Conference Volume | 14 April 2022

SPIE Conference Volume | 15 April 2021

SPIE Conference Volume | 17 April 2020

SPIE Conference Volume | 5 March 2020

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Optics and Photonics for Advanced Dimensional Metrology II
5 April 2022 | Strasbourg, France
Unconventional Optical Imaging III
3 April 2022 | Strasbourg, France
Quantitative Phase Imaging VIII
22 January 2022 | San Francisco, California, United States
Quantitative Phase Imaging VII
6 March 2021 | Online Only, California, United States
Unconventional Optical Imaging II
7 April 2020 | Online Only, France
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SC1148: Introduction to Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI)
This course aims to help researchers join the exciting and quickly emerging field of biomedical QPI. Quantifying cell-induced shifts in the optical path-lengths permits nanometer scale measurements of structures and motions in a non-contact, non-invasive manner. We will explain the basic principles and applications of QPI. In the first part of the course – Methods - we will cover the main approaches to QPI, including phase-shifting, off-axis, common-path, and white-light methods, together with their figures of merit. A practical guide to designing and implementing instrumentation for QPI, along with image processing techniques will be presented. The second part of the course – Applications – will review recent advances in biomedical applications of QPI. We will cover basic applications published in the recent literature on cell structure, dynamics and light scattering, as well as clinical applications such as blood testing and tissue diagnosis.
SC1254: Fourier Optics
This course aims to familiarize optics researchers with the power of the Fourier transform and its application in all branches of linear optics. We will cover concepts of field propagation in both time and space and employ useful properties of the Fourier transform to gain understanding into physical phenomena and simplify our calculations. The first part of the course will be dedicated to describing the Fourier transform in 1D, 2D, and 3D, along with its most important properties, relevant to optical signals. The second part will be focused on applying the Fourier transform to solving optical problems of practical interest, as follows. 1D: pulse propagation in dispersive media, plane wave propagation in space; 2D: light diffraction on arbitrary apertures, imaging of two-dimensional objects, spatial and temporal coherence, holography; 3D: light scattering under the Born approximation and tomographic reconstructions.
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