Prof. Jannick P. Rolland-Thompson
Professor at Univ of Rochester
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Publications (163)

Proceedings Article | 13 March 2024 Presentation + Paper
Proceedings Volume 12897, 128970E (2024)
KEYWORDS: Diffraction, Semiconducting wafers, Manufacturing, Lenses, Metalenses, Scanning electron microscopy, Wafer level optics, Design, Silicon, Mid infrared

Proceedings Article | 12 March 2024 Presentation + Paper
Jeremy Goodsell, Jannick Rolland, Daniel Nikolov, A. Nick Vamivakas
Proceedings Volume 12913, 129130Y (2024)
KEYWORDS: Modulation transfer functions, Freeform optics, Reflection, Diffraction gratings, Design, Image sharpness, Waveguides, Image quality, Augmented reality, Diffraction

Proceedings Article | 30 November 2023 Presentation + Paper
Nikolas Romer, Jeff Kuhn, Jannick Rolland
Proceedings Volume 12778, 1277804 (2023)
KEYWORDS: Glasses, Optical surfaces, Surface finishing, Mirror surfaces, Polishing, Carbon dioxide lasers, Mirrors, Boundary conditions, Parabolic mirrors

Proceedings Article | 30 November 2023 Presentation + Paper
Renuka Manjula Narayanan, Romita Chaudhuri, Jannick Rolland
Proceedings Volume 12778, 127780K (2023)
KEYWORDS: Spatial light modulators, Wavefront sensors, Freeform optics, Wavefronts, Nulling interferometry, Calibration, Wavefront errors, Wavefront aberrations, Simulations, Sensor calibration

Proceedings Article | 14 September 2023 Paper
Proceedings Volume 12798, 127980D (2023)
KEYWORDS: Light sources and illumination, Tolerancing, Optical surfaces, Mirror surfaces, Design and modelling, Nonimaging optics, Reflectors, Reflection, Optical alignment, Mirrors