Prof. Kazuhiro Hane
Research Associate at Tohoku Univ
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Conference Program Committee | Conference Chair | Author | Instructor
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SPIE Journal Paper | September 12, 2018
OE Vol. 57 Issue 09
KEYWORDS: Microelectromechanical systems, Scanners, Imaging systems, Reflectivity, Eye, Signal to noise ratio, Mirrors, Polygon scanners, Retinal scanning, Eye models

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE | February 27, 2015
Proc. SPIE. 9371, Photonic and Phononic Properties of Engineered Nanostructures V
KEYWORDS: Gold, Metamaterials, Phase modulation, Silica, Metals, Magnetism, Optical testing, Electromagnetism, Resonance enhancement, Absorption

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE | February 27, 2015
Proc. SPIE. 9372, High Contrast Metastructures IV
KEYWORDS: Optical fibers, Thin films, Lithography, Refractive index, Antireflective coatings, Reflection, Polymers, Ultraviolet radiation, Reflectivity, Nanoimprint lithography

Proc. SPIE. 9148, Adaptive Optics Systems IV
KEYWORDS: Microelectromechanical systems, Photovoltaics, Point spread functions, Mirrors, Optical design, Spectroscopy, Adaptive optics, Tomography, Galactic astronomy, K band

Proc. SPIE. 8617, MEMS Adaptive Optics VII
KEYWORDS: Actuators, Gold, Mirrors, Etching, Electrodes, Silicon, Deformable mirrors, Photomasks, Semiconducting wafers, Wafer bonding

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE | September 13, 2012
Proc. SPIE. 8447, Adaptive Optics Systems III
KEYWORDS: Telescopes, Light sources, Stars, Wavefront sensors, Wavefronts, Single mode fibers, Adaptive optics, Control systems, Tomography, Optical simulations

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Conference Committee Involvement (15)
Micro- and Nanotechnology: Materials, Processes, Packaging, and Systems IV
10 December 2008 | Melbourne, Australia
MEMS/MOEMS Technologies and Applications III
12 November 2007 | Beijing, China
MOEMS and Miniaturized Systems VI
24 January 2007 | San Jose, California, United States
Micro- and Nanotechnology: Materials, Processes, Packaging, and Systems III
11 December 2006 | Adelaide, Australia
MOEMS Display, Imaging, and Miniaturized Microsystems IV
25 January 2006 | San Jose, California, United States
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Course Instructor
SC623: MEMS Technology for Optical Storage Systems
Many devices and systems can be miniaturized using Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology. Micro pressure sensors and micro accelerometers (air bag sensors) are examples that are widely commercialized. In the case of optical systems, some optical components need combining to implement the function desired for optical processing. Micro-optical-bench based on silicon surface and bulk micromachining has been proposed in order to integrate optical components on a silicon substrate. Optical data storage is a promising industrial field to which the micro-fabrication technology can be applied. High integration of optical and mechanical components is needed for the optical head of data storage in the next generation. A light optical head with micro-lens and micro-actuator for focusing and tracking can be fabricated by MEMS technology. Furthermore, the diffraction limit in the optical storage using a lens can be overcome by the near-field optical technology. The optical storage system with a multi-probe array based on the near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) also attracts a high level of interest. In order to study MEMS technology from the basics to applications for optical data storage, the fundamental processes in silicon micromachining and the integration techniques for micro optical components are presented. Microfabrication of the conventional optical and mechanical components for data storage and future technology such as NSOM is also included.
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