Prof. Michael A. Dopita
at Australian National Univ
SPIE Involvement:
Publications (5)

Proceedings Article | 30 September 2004 Paper
Matthew Doolan, Michael Dopita, Liam Waldron, John Hart, Ross Zhelem, Gabe Bloxham, Peter Conroy, Peter McGregor, Leigh Pfitzner
Proceedings Volume 5492, (2004)
KEYWORDS: Manufacturing, Optics manufacturing, Mirrors, Polishing, Spectrographs, Surface finishing, Astronomy, Telescopes, Sensors, Astrophysics

Proceedings Article | 30 September 2004 Paper
Michael Dopita, Liam Waldron, Peter McGregor, Peter Conroy, Matthew Doolan, Ross Zhelem, Gabe Bloxham, Will Saunders, Damien Jones, Lee Pfitzner
Proceedings Volume 5492, (2004)
KEYWORDS: Spectrographs, Cameras, Sensors, Telescopes, Image quality, Glasses, Spectral resolution, Atmospheric optics, Collimators, Charge-coupled devices

Proceedings Article | 13 February 2003 Paper
Willem van Breugel, Michiel Reuland, Willem de Vries, Adam Stanford, Arjun Dey, Jaron Kurk, Bram Venemans, Huub Roettgering, George Miley, Carlos De Breuck, Mike Dopita, Ralph Sutherland, Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn
Proceedings Volume 4834, (2003)
KEYWORDS: Galactic astronomy, Telescopes, Galaxy groups and clusters, Spectroscopy, Stars, Image filtering, Tunable filters, Spectrographs, Kinematics, Optical filters

Proceedings Article | 28 July 2000 Paper
Edward Cheng, Robert Hill, John MacKenty, Laura Cawley, Patricia Knezek, Ray Kutina, Casey Lisse, Olivia Lupie, Massimo Robberto, Massimo Stiavelli, Robert O'Connell, Bruce Balick, H. Bond, Daniela Calzetti, M. Carollo, Mike Disney, Mike Dopita, J. Frogel, Donald Hall, J. Hester, John Holtzman, Gerard Luppino, P. McCarthy, Francesco Paresce, Abhijit Saha, J. Silk, John Trauger, A. Walker, B. Whitmore, R. Windhorst, Erick Young
Proceedings Volume 4013, (2000)
KEYWORDS: Stars, Cameras, Hubble Space Telescope, Astronomy, Galactic astronomy, Sensors, Space telescopes, Charge-coupled devices, Ultraviolet radiation, Planets

Proceedings Article | 1 June 1994 Paper
Holland Ford, Pierre Bely, John Bally, James Crocker, Mike Dopita, James Tilley, Ronald Allen, Frank Bartko, Richard White, Richard Burg, Christopher Burrows, Mark Clampin, Doyal Harper, Garth Illingworth, Richard McCray, Stephan Meyer, Jeremy Mould, Colin Norman
Proceedings Volume 2199, (1994)
KEYWORDS: Telescopes, Mirrors, Space telescopes, Infrared radiation, Stars, Infrared telescopes, Observatories, Galactic astronomy, Stratosphere, Astronomy

Conference Committee Involvement (2)
UV-Gamma Ray Space Telescope Systems
21 June 2004 | Glasgow, United Kingdom
Future EUV-UV and Visible Space Astrophysics Missions and Instrumentation
22 August 2002 | Waikoloa, Hawai'i, United States
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