Dr. Peter D. Burns
Consultant at Burns Digital Imaging
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Consulting image scientist and technical project leader with extensive experience in applied research for digital imaging; digital photography, mobile imaging, cultural heritage imaging, medical imaging, and imaging performance standards. 22 granted US patents, 65+ publications.

Lecturer for university and industrial training courses on digital imaging performance evaluation and international standards.
● Imaging system analysis and simulation
● Automated tools and methods (e.g. ISO, IEC standards)
● Variability, color error propagation, and quality assurance
● Digital mage processing for capture, enhancement and display
● Using Matlab to solve imaging problems
● Deploying software applications using Matlab Compiler

Specialties: digital image quality, image performance testing, color error propagation, image processing, imaging standards, Matlab for imaging.
Publications (24)

Proceedings Article | 8 February 2015 Paper
Peter Burns, Judit Martinez Bauza
Proceedings Volume 9396, 939609 (2015) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2083193
KEYWORDS: Cameras, Image processing, Modulation transfer functions, Interference (communication), Imaging systems, Image resolution, Sensors, Optical filters, Digital filtering, Imaging arrays

Proceedings Article | 3 February 2014 Paper
Proceedings Volume 9016, 901605 (2014) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2042706
KEYWORDS: Modulation transfer functions, Standards development, Digital cameras, Distortion, Digital imaging, Image quality, Imaging systems, Spatial frequencies, Cameras, Image resolution

Proceedings Article | 3 February 2014 Paper
Proceedings Volume 9016, 90160H (2014) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2042541
KEYWORDS: Stars, Image filtering, Image processing, Cameras, Linear filtering, Image resolution, Modulation transfer functions, Modulation, Gaussian filters, Optical filters

Proceedings Article | 4 February 2013 Paper
Proceedings Volume 8653, 86530H (2013) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2004432
KEYWORDS: Modulation transfer functions, Error analysis, Digital imaging, Statistical analysis, Image processing, Standards development, Cameras, Spatial frequencies, Image quality, Stochastic processes

Proceedings Article | 4 February 2013 Paper
Proceedings Volume 8653, 86530E (2013) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2007480
KEYWORDS: Image quality, Image quality standards, Standards development, Calibration, Human-machine interfaces, Image display, Digital imaging, Light sources and illumination, Digital image processing, Visualization

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Proceedings Volume Editor (2)

SPIE Conference Volume | 18 January 2013

SPIE Conference Volume | 15 December 2011

Conference Committee Involvement (12)
Image Quality and System Performance XII
10 February 2015 | San Francisco, California, United States
Image Quality and System Performance XI
3 February 2014 | San Francisco, California, United States
Image Quality and System Performance X
5 February 2013 | Burlingame, California, United States
Image Quality and System Performance IX
24 January 2012 | Burlingame, California, United States
Image Quality and System Performance VIII
24 January 2011 | San Francisco Airport, California, United States
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Course Instructor
SC807: Digital Camera and Scanner Performance Evaluation: Standards and Measurement
This is an updated course on imaging performance measurement methods for digital image capture devices and systems. We introduce several ISO measurement protocols for camera resolution, tone-transfer, noise, etc. We focus on the underlying sources of variability in system performance, measurement error, and how to manage this variability in working environments. The propagation of measurement variability will be described for several emerging standard methods for; image texture, distortion, color shading, flare and chromatic aberration. Using actual measurements we demonstrate how standards can be adapted to evaluate capture devices ranging from cell phone cameras to scientific detectors. New this year, we will be discussing the use of raw files to investigate intrinsic signal and noise characteristics of the image-capture path.
SC513: Digital Camera/Scanner Evaluation Workshop: A Critical Look at ISO Standards, Tools and Limitations
This theory-to-practice course on speed, resolution, dynamic range, and noise metrology for digital image capture is based on our previous highly rated courses offered at this Symposium. Improved this year, it takes the form of a workshop. We focus on standardized measurement protocols for resolution (ISO 12233, 16067-1, 16067–2, & 15529), speed (ISO 12232), and image dynamic range/noise (ISO 15739, 21550). We will also describe and compare alternative methods currently under consideration like CIPA DC-003 and polar sine-wave techniques. About half of our day will be spent addressing various challenges to reliable evaluation and system comparison using actual test data and software tools. These examples will expose error sources (rarely addressed in the standards), and reveal ways to maintain measurement utility and workflow.
SC825: Imaging Performance Evaluation for Digital Cameras, Cell-phone Cameras and Scanners
This is an updated theory-to-practice course on imaging performance measurement methods for digital image capture devices and systems. We focus on science-based standard ISO measurement protocols* for tone-transfer, speed, resolution, noise, dynamic range, and color. Using actual measurements we demonstrate how standard methods can be adapted to measure capture devices and evaluate vendor compliance for various capture systems. Because practical metrology and field application can limit measurement precision and accuracy, we will identify ways to maintain measurement utility in the presence of error sources. ISO-compliant executable software will be provided and demonstrated. In addition, several available alternative methods and analysis software will be explained and compared. *(ISO 12233, 16067-1, 16067-2, 15529, 15739, 21550, and 17321),
SC745: Basic Testing and Calibration of Digital Imagers
The course is aimed at providing an understanding of basic performance testing of image acquisition for digital cameras and scanners, in both consumer and technical applications. The assembly of basic elements, optics, detector, supporting electronics and image processing, are described. We then identify several key imaging performance metrics for such systems, and testing methods consistent with ISO standards. How the standard methods are applied to several types of image acquisition systems and field conditions will be explained using results from actual measurements. It is common to apply compensation for practical performance limitations either in the device or supporting driver software. We describe and demonstrate several approaches to this for; spatial distortion, white-point balance, resolution and sharpness, scene uniformity, and detector fixed-pattern noise, and pixel defects. Attendees should then be prepared for other courses on, e.g., Color Management, understanding sources of performance variation.
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