Rostislav Grynko
Systems Engineer
Area of Expertise:
Nonlinear Optics , Digital Holography , Harmonic Generation , Laser Filamentation , Numerical Simulations , Neuroscience
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I am a physicist investigating ultrafast phenomena in the context of nonlinear optical systems at Binghamton University. As a graduate student at BU, I use a Ti:Sapphire pulsed laser system to study highly exotic light-matter interactions. Light in the form of a powerful laser beam behaves in a way which is unlike that of an ordinary light source; our light pulses are among the shortest temporal events ever engineered. They focus on their own, reaching remarkably high intensities, and in doing so they rip away electrons from their mother atoms. The process ultimately culminates in a self-guided light structure known as a laser filament. In my lab we study the unique characteristics of laser filamentation so that improvements can be made to laser-based technology; applications include table-top x-ray devices, flexible electronics, cancer treatment, and sophisticated imaging techniques. The physical insights gained from studying these novel interactions have been paramount to our understanding of the quantum world, and it is part of my job to uncover some of today's mysteries via theory, computation, and experiment.
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