Prof. Steven G. Johnson
Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Proceedings Article | 17 September 2018 Presentation
Proc. SPIE. 10721, Active Photonic Platforms X
KEYWORDS: Thermography, Metamaterials, Biomedical optics, Photonic crystals, Optical testing, Medical imaging, Near field, Antennas, Nanophotonics, Near field optics

Proceedings Article | 16 September 2016 Presentation + Paper
Proc. SPIE. 9920, Active Photonic Materials VIII
KEYWORDS: Metamaterials, Optical spheres, Polarization, Scattering, Metals, Particles, Radiative energy transfer, Multiple scattering, Black bodies, Absorption

Proceedings Article | 12 September 2014 Paper
Proc. SPIE. 9162, Active Photonic Materials VI
KEYWORDS: Thin films, Transparency, Scattering, Nanoparticles, Glasses, Light scattering, Laser scattering, Projection systems, Mie scattering, Nanophotonics

Proceedings Article | 11 September 2013 Paper
Proc. SPIE. 8808, Active Photonic Materials V
KEYWORDS: Spectroscopy, Luminescence, Molecules, Reflectivity, Photonic crystals, Solids, Molecular interactions, Nanofabrication, Light, Molecular photonics

Proceedings Article | 11 September 2010 Paper
Proc. SPIE. 7756, Active Photonic Materials III
KEYWORDS: Near infrared, Resonators, Waveguides, Dielectrics, Gallium arsenide, Photonic crystals, Numerical analysis, Terahertz radiation, Microwave radiation, Electromagnetism

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Conference Committee Involvement (5)
Active and Passive Optical Components for Communications VII
11 September 2007 | Boston, MA, United States
Active and Passive Optical Components for Communications VI
3 October 2006 | Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Active and Passive Optical Components for WDM Communications V
24 October 2005 | Boston, MA, United States
Active and Passive Optical Components for WDM Communications IV
25 October 2004 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Active and Passive Optical Components for WDM Communications III
8 September 2003 | Orlando, Florida, United States
Course Instructor
SC608: Photonic Crystals: A Crash Course, from Bandgaps to Fibers
This half-day course will survey basic principles and developments in the field of photonic crystals, nano-structured optical materials that achieve new levels of control over optical phenomena. This leverage over photons is primarily achieved by the photonic band gap: a range of wavelengths in which light cannot propagate within a suitably designed crystal, forming a sort of optical insulator. The course will begin with an introduction to the fundamentals of wave propagation in periodic systems, Bloch's theorem and band diagrams, and from there moves on to the origin of the photonic band gap and its realization in practical structures. After that we will cover a number of topics and applications important for understanding the field and its future. Topics will include: the introduction of intentional defects to create waveguides, cavities, and ideal integrated optical devices in a crystal; exploitation of exotic dispersions for negative-refraction, super-prisms, and super-lensing; the combination of photonic band gaps and conventional index guiding to form easily fabricated hybrid systems (photonic-crystal slabs); the origin and control of losses in hybrid systems; photonic band gap and microstructured optical fibers; and computational approaches to understanding these systems (from brute-force simulation to semi-analytical techniques).
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