Dr. Tomasz S. Tkaczyk
Associate Professor at Rice Univ
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Publications (53)

Proc. SPIE. 10657, Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies XI
KEYWORDS: Unmanned aerial vehicles, Hyperspectral imaging, Imaging systems, Cameras, Sensors, Spectroscopy, Environmental sensing, Airborne remote sensing

Proc. SPIE. 10493, Dynamics and Fluctuations in Biomedical Photonics XV
KEYWORDS: Endoscopy, Laser therapeutics, Tissues, Surgery, Crystals, Zinc, Laser ablation, Ultrafast lasers, Tissue optics, Laser tissue interaction

SPIE Journal Paper | August 30, 2017
OE Vol. 56 Issue 08
KEYWORDS: Lenses, Glasses, 3D printing, Prototyping, Optics manufacturing, Printing, Polymethylmethacrylate, Monochromatic aberrations, Wavefronts, Refractive index

SPIE Journal Paper | May 2, 2017
OE Vol. 56 Issue 08
KEYWORDS: Spectroscopy, Imaging systems, Polishing, Spectral resolution, Sensors, Prisms, Hyperspectral imaging, Image filtering, Optical engineering, Prototyping

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE | February 22, 2017
Proc. SPIE. 10066, Energy-based Treatment of Tissue and Assessment IX
KEYWORDS: Gold, Optical fibers, Surgery, Zinc, Fiber lasers, Laser ablation, Objectives, Ultrafast lasers, Tissue optics, Laser tissue interaction

Proc. SPIE. 9711, Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues IX
KEYWORDS: Hyperspectral imaging, Optical filters, Prisms, Polishing, Biomedical optics, Imaging systems, Image processing, Spectroscopy, Microscopy, Luminescence, Diagnostics, CCD cameras, Data acquisition, Spectral resolution, Prototyping

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Conference Committee Involvement (17)
SPIE Translational Biophotonics 2018
14 May 2018 | Houston, Texas, United States
Molecular-Guided Surgery: Molecules, Devices, and Applications IV
27 January 2018 | San Francisco, California, United States
Design and Quality for Biomedical Technologies X
28 January 2017 | San Francisco, California, United States
Molecular-Guided Surgery: Molecules, Devices, and Applications III
28 January 2017 | San Francisco, California, United States
SPIE Translational Biophotonics 2016
16 May 2016 | Houston, Texas, United States
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Course Instructor
SC012: Miniature Optics for Diode Lasers and Beam Shaping
This course will introduce the design and packaging of present and future laser diode systems for applications in sensors, instrumentation and telecommunications. Topics will include (1) a review of laser diode optical properties; (2) collimation, focusing, circularization and astigmatism correction in laser diodes; (3) a topical overview of miniature optical components; and (4) an advanced design example.
SC978: Light Microscopy
This course provides attendees with a working knowledge of the principles of light microscopy. After reviewing the main principles of imaging, diffraction, interference and polarization used in microscopy, it discusses the most widely used microscope configurations and applications. The major system components will be covered: light sources, illumination layouts, microscope optics and image detection electronics. An overview of techniques will be given, including brightfield and darkfield imaging, phase and amplitude contrast, DIC, polarization and fluorescence microscopy. Scanning techniques like confocal and multi-photon imaging are also introduced. New technology trends like superresolution techniques (4Pi Microscopy, STED, STORM and Structured Illumination) will be summarized.
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