Yunlu Xu
at Univ of Maryland College Park
Course Instructor
NON-SPIE: Electromagnetic Theory
Introduction to electromagnetic fields, Coulomb’s law, Gauss’s law, electric potential, dielectric materials capacitance, boundary value problems, Biot-Savart law, Ampere’s law, Lorentz force equation, magnetic materials, magnetic circuits, inductance, time varying fields and Maxwell’s equation.
NON-SPIE: Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
The electromagnetic spectrum: Review of Maxwell's equations; the wave equation potentials, Poynting's theorem, relationship between circuit theory and fields; propagation of electromagnetic waves in homogeneous media and at interfaces; transmission line theory, waveguides, radiation and antennas
NON-SPIE: Electronic Circuits Design Laboratory
diodes, operational amplifiers, BJT amplifiers, power amplifiers(HI-Fi), differential amplifiers and MOS transistor amplifiers
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