Prof. Zhanshan Wang
Head of Institute at Tongji Univ
SPIE Involvement:
Publications (149)

Proceedings Article | 30 April 2024 Paper
Proceedings Volume 13153, 131531A (2024)

SPIE Journal Paper | 29 August 2023
OE, Vol. 62, Issue 08, 084104, (August 2023)
KEYWORDS: Collimation, Mirrors, Multilayers, Beam divergence, Parabolic mirrors, Reflection, X-rays, Fabrication, Optical engineering, Grazing incidence

Proceedings Article | 21 March 2023 Paper
Xiaogang Luo, Yi Ning, Siyu Dong, Zeyong Wei, Zhanshan Wang, Xinbin Cheng
Proceedings Volume 12595, 125951N (2023)
KEYWORDS: Beam splitters, Reflection, Dielectric polarization, Metals, Polarized light, Polarization, Dielectrics, Aluminum, Plasmonics, Fabrication

Proceedings Article | 15 February 2022 Paper
Proceedings Volume 12166, 121667G (2022)
KEYWORDS: Crystals, X-rays, X-ray optics, X-ray imaging, Diagnostics, Optical alignment, Spectroscopy, Copper, Plasma, Microscopes

Proceedings Article | 15 February 2022 Paper
Jun Yu, Wang Zhanshan, Zhengxiang Shen, Pengfeng Sheng, Fei Shen, Jingfei Ye
Proceedings Volume 12166, 121666U (2022)
KEYWORDS: Imaging systems, Mirrors, Mid-IR, Infrared imaging, Reflectivity, Infrared radiation, Optical design, Stray light, Signal to noise ratio, Sensors