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12 June 2018 Achieve high hotspot detection accuracy by pattern scoring
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In this paper we combined the hotspot pattern library and the rule-based scoring system into a modularized hotspot-checking rule deck running on an automatic flow. Several DFM (design for manufacture) properties criteria will be defined to build a “score board” for hotspot candidates. When hotspots in the input design are highlighted, the scoring system can identify whether a hotspot is a high risk hotspot or not, and define the severity of the hotspots by extracted DFM properties. The automatic flow will detect which layers are contained in the design then generate a modular rule deck with several corresponding hotspot check modules. The flow also takes snapshots of the high risk hotspots according to the score board automatically. After all the essential hotspot data is collected, the flow will automatically create an HTML-format report which has histograms of properties and overview graph that shows the distribution of hotspots. The aforementioned HTML report containing scored DFM properties and snapshots can help result-viewers to identify the high risk hotspots on the design quickly; namely, users can examine hotspots by snapshots without loading the whole design into layout viewer tools. By comparing the hotspot checking result with real defects from wafer data, a true hotspot’s values of DFM properties can be obtained. We believe this is helpful for users to improve their hotspot rules in accuracy.
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Xiang Fang, Shou-Yuan Ma, Chien-Nan Lin, Hsu-Tang Liu, Chuan-Chun Lee, Chuen-Huei Yang, I-Y. Chang, Erwin Deng, Ming-Feng Shen, Min-Ying Lu, Ling-Chieh Lin, Hung-Yueh Liao, Elven Huang, and Jonathan Muirhead "Achieve high hotspot detection accuracy by pattern scoring", Proc. SPIE 10807, Photomask Japan 2018: XXV Symposium on Photomask and Next-Generation Lithography Mask Technology, 108070L (12 June 2018);

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