SPIE OPTO | 21-26 JANUARY 2012
Advances in Display Technologies II

9 Sessions, 21 Papers, 0 Presentations
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21-26 January 2012
San Francisco, California, United States
Front Matter
Proc. SPIE 8280, Front Matter: Volume 8280, 828001 (8 February 2012);
Projection Displays I
Proc. SPIE 8280, MgO:PPLN based green lasers for portable laser projectors, 828004 (2 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, MgO:PPLN frequency doubling optical chips for green light generation: from lab research to mass production, 828005 (6 February 2012);
LC Technologies I
Proc. SPIE 8280, Fast switching liquid crystal display modes, 828006 (6 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, Dual mode operation of fast switching liquid crystal devices, 828008 (6 February 2012);
3D Displays
Proc. SPIE 8280, A fast-switching, contrast-enhanced liquid crystal polarization modulator for high-end, single-lens stereoscopic 3D projector applications, 828009 (6 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, Optical characterization of different types of 3D displays, 82800A (6 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, Three-dimensional floating display by a concave cylindrical mirror and rotational wedge prisms, 82800C (6 February 2012);
Projection Displays II
Proc. SPIE 8280, Performance of correlated speckle patterns for speckle reduction in laser projectors, 82800D (6 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, High luminance tapered diode lasers for flying-spot display applications, 82800E (6 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, Collimation of asymmetric laser diode at 450 nm using multimode fiber for speckle reduction through diffractive diffusers, 82800F (6 February 2012);
LC Technologies II
Proc. SPIE 8280, Temperature independent low voltage polymer stabilized blue phase liquid crystals, 82800H (6 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, Pixel structure for higher optical efficiency in the patterned vertical alignment LC mode, 82800I (6 February 2012);
Backlight Units
Proc. SPIE 8280, Strategy for developing high efficiency backlight module for LCD, 82800J (6 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, Integrated optical means for micro holograms recording, 82800L (6 February 2012);
Emerging Devices and Applications
Proc. SPIE 8280, Transfer-printing of colloidal quantum dots for full-color light-emitting displays, 82800N (6 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, Designing low permeability, optical-grade silicone systems: guidelines for choosing a silicone based on transmission rates for barrier applications, 82800O (6 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, Electrically-tunable optical zoom system by using liquid crystal lenses, 82800Q (6 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, A thin porous substrate using bonded particles for reverse-emulsion electrophoretic displays, 82800R (6 February 2012);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 8280, Extremely simple holographic projection of color images, 82800V (6 February 2012);
Proc. SPIE 8280, Polymer waveguide technology for flexible display applications, 82800W (6 February 2012);
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