Nanophotonic Materials XII
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9-13 August 2015
San Diego, California, United States
Front Matter: Volume 9545
Proc. SPIE 9545, Front Matter: Volume 9545, 954501 (10 September 2015);
Nanoparticles and Nanoplates
Proc. SPIE 9545, Surface functionalized spherical nanoparticles: an optical assessment of local chirality, 954502 (9 October 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9545, Semiconductor nanoplatelets: a new colloidal system for low-threshold high-gain stimulated emission (Presentation Recording), 954503 ();
Proc. SPIE 9545, Manipulating the spatial extent of the exciton diffusion through QDs assembly by controlling dimensionality, energy landscape, and exciton density (Presentation Recording), 954505 ();
Nanoscale Semiconductor
Proc. SPIE 9545, Nanostructured organosilicon luminophores as a new concept of nanomaterials for highly efficient down-conversion of light, 954509 (9 October 2015);
Enhanced Photonic Properties from UV to THz
Proc. SPIE 9545, Optical near field in integrated plasmonics on silicon photonics, 95450A (9 October 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9545, Theoretical design of nano-layered Al/SiO2 metamaterial with hyperbolic dispersion with minimum losses, 95450B (9 October 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9545, Spectral tunability of the spacer layer in metasurface absorbers (Presentation Recording), 95450C ();
Proc. SPIE 9545, Highly efficient excitonic emission of CBD grown ZnO micropods (Presentation Recording), 95450D ();
Proc. SPIE 9545, High-speed tip-enhanced Raman imaging (Presentation Recording), 95450E ();
Energy- and Sensing-Related Materials
Multifunctional Oxides
Proc. SPIE 9545, Optical property tuning of bismuth chalcogenides using chemical intercalation (Presentation Recording), 95450K ();
Proc. SPIE 9545, Utilizing homogenous FRET to extend molecular photonic wires beyond 30 nm (Presentation Recording), 95450L ();
Proc. SPIE 9545, TiO2 membranes for concurrent photocatalytic organic degradation and corrosion protection, 95450M (9 October 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9545, Optically active quantum dots, 95450N (9 October 2015);
Active Devices
Proc. SPIE 9545, Design of metal/dielectric/nanocrystals core/shell/shell nano-structures for the fluorescence enhancement of cadmium-free semiconductor nanocrystals, 95450P (9 October 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9545, Adiabatic mode coupler on ion-exchanged waveguides for the efficient excitation of surface plasmon modes (Presentation Recording), 95450Q ();
Proc. SPIE 9545, Optical properties of polyaniline-coated silica spheres: aging effect in acetone, 95450T (9 October 2015);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 9545, Investigation of Ta nanoparticles characteristics produced by laser ablation method, 95450U (9 October 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9545, Resonant tunneling in 2D-photonic superlattices, 95450V (9 October 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9545, Broadband epsilon-near-zero metamaterials based on metal-polymer composite thin films, 95450W (9 October 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9545, Using radiation intensity dependence on excitation level for the analysis of surface plasmon resonance effect on ZnO luminescence, 95450X (9 October 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9545, Photovoltaic study of dye sensitized solar cells based on TiO2, ZnO:Al3+ nanoparticles, 95450Z (9 October 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9545, Photomelting and photofragmentation of silver nanoparticles suspended in ethanol, 954510 (9 October 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9545, Determination of refractive index and absorbance modulation amplitudes from angular selectivity of holograms in polymer material with phenanthrenequinone, 954513 (9 October 2015);
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