Biomedical Vibrational Spectroscopy VI: Advances in Research and Industry

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Methods I  (3)
Oncology I  (4)
Oncology II  (2)
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1-6 February 2014
San Francisco, California, United States
Front Matter: Volume 8939
Proc. SPIE 8939, Front Matter: Volume 8939, 893901 (11 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Analysis of virus infected cell by Raman spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy, 893902 (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Differentiating the growth phases of single bacteria using Raman spectroscopy, 893905 (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Cell identification using Raman spectroscopy in combination with optical trapping and microfluidics, 893906 (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Label-free haemogram using wavelength modulated Raman spectroscopy for identifying immune-cell subset, 893907 (4 March 2014);
Methods I
Proc. SPIE 8939, A new SERS: scattering enhanced Raman scattering, 893909 (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, SERS-barcoded colloidal gold NP assemblies as imaging agents for use in biodiagnostics, 89390A (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, A novel method for single bacteria identification by Raman spectroscopy, 89390D (4 March 2014);
Oncology I
Proc. SPIE 8939, Classification of oral cancers using Raman spectroscopy of serum, 89390E (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Raman spectroscopy for the assessment of acute myeloid leukemia: a proof of concept study, 89390F (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Micro-Raman spectroscopy studies of changes in lipid composition in breast and prostate cancer cells treated with MPA and R1881 hormones, 89390I (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Investigating the biochemical progression of liver disease through fibrosis, cirrhosis, dysplasia, and hepatocellular carcinoma using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic imaging, 89390J (4 March 2014);
Oncology II
Proc. SPIE 8939, Combined information from Raman spectroscopy and optical coherence tomography for enhanced diagnostic accuracy in tissue discrimination, 89390L (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Real-time depth-resolved fiber optic Raman endoscopy for in vivo diagnosis of gastric precancer, 89390M (4 March 2014);
Applications Beyond Oncology
Proc. SPIE 8939, The discrimination of fish egg quality and viability by using Raman spectroscopy, 89390O (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Monitoring the influence of antibiotic exposure using Raman spectroscopy, 89390P (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Endoscopy-coupled Raman spectroscopy for in vivo discrimination of inflammatory bowel disease, 89390R (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic imaging identifies early biochemical markers of tissue damage, 89390T (4 March 2014);
Methods II
Proc. SPIE 8939, Multimodal fiber probe spectroscopy for tissue diagnostics applications: a combined Raman-fluorescence approach, 89390U (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Quantitative fiber-optic Raman spectroscopy for tissue Raman measurements, 89390V (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, A low background Raman probe for optical biopsy of brain tissue, 89390W (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Application of the shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy (SERDS) to the analysis of trace amounts of methanol in red wines, 89390Y (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Rapid hyperspectral imaging in the mid-infrared, 89390Z (4 March 2014);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 8939, Quantitative analysis of melamine by multi-way partial least squares model with two-dimensional near-infrared correlation spectroscopy, 893912 (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Detection of cancerous kidney tissue areas by means of infrared spectroscopy of intercellular fluid , 893913 (4 March 2014);
Proc. SPIE 8939, Raman study of analysis for the states of maturation of neural cell, 893914 (4 March 2014);
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