Prof. Daewook Kim
Associate Professor
SPIE Involvement:
Engineering, Science, and Technology Policy Committee | Board of Directors | Nominating and Leadership Development Committee | Conference Program Committee | Conference Chair | Author | Editor | Instructor
Area of Expertise:
large precision optics fabrication using Computer Controlled Optical Surfacing (CCOS) process , open-source data analysis and visualization S/W platform development , optical testing for large optical components using computer generated holograms, laser tracker, interferometer , optical system design and manufacturing
Publications (136)

SPIE Journal Paper | 16 November 2023 Open Access
JATIS, Vol. 9, Issue 04, 048003, (November 2023)
KEYWORDS: Matrices, Point spread functions, Diffraction, Modeling, Observatories, Ray tracing, Coronagraphy, Physics, Gaussian beams, Design

Proceedings Article | 5 October 2023 Poster + Paper
Proceedings Volume 12680, 126802E (2023)
KEYWORDS: Wavefront errors, Telescopes, Coronagraphy, Wavefronts, Space telescopes, Exoplanets, Sensors, Optical simulations, Device simulation, Deformable mirrors

Proceedings Article | 5 October 2023 Presentation
Proceedings Volume PC12677, PC126770I (2023)
KEYWORDS: Microelectromechanical systems, Deformable mirrors, Wavefronts, Equipment, Coronagraphy, Control systems, Vacuum, Stars, Space observatories, Optical benches

Proceedings Article | 5 October 2023 Presentation
Proceedings Volume PC12677, PC126770G (2023)
KEYWORDS: Telescopes, Optical alignment, Space telescopes, Optical fabrication, Lenses, Fabrication, Wavefronts, Stray light, Spectroscopy, Space mirrors

Proceedings Article | 5 October 2023 Presentation
Haeun Chung, Carlos Vargas, Aafaque Khan, Jason Corliss, Daewook Kim, Heejoo Choi
Proceedings Volume PC12677, PC126770D (2023)
KEYWORDS: Telescopes, Spectroscopy, Optical alignment, Computer generated holography, Microchannel plates, Extreme ultraviolet, Tolerancing, Optical gratings, Galactic astronomy, Satellites